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Model Biographies

Post by tj on Sun Aug 11, 2013 3:12 pm


I find the model biographies in the "models" drop down menu interesting and informative. Many thanks for this.

But there are many omissions.

At the time of the video/volume's release all of the following models were heavily and favourably promoted on your site.

Why are there no biographies for them in the current list?:

Luisa and Trini from volume 1
Olga, Miri and Ann from volume 2
Elena, Issabel, Alex, Yolanda, Veronica, Daniela and Ingeborg from volume 3 (the "Elena" from volume 3 appears to be a different person to the "Elena" featured in later volumes for whom a biography IS included),
Reme, Anne, Lucie, Julia and Evelyn from volume 4,
Cynthia, Carmen, Saskia, Natalia, Maru, Masha and Leticia from volume 5,
Lamou, Andra and Inma from volume 6,
Mari and Sarah (described as English) from volume 7,
Dalila (or is it Dahlana?) from volume 8,
Tatiana, Roxana and Elisa from volume 9,
Adriana, Nadine, Violet and Ana from volume 10.

Omissions from later volumes include, Caroline, Romina, Malena, Saskia, Diana, Hanna, Ana Maria, Veronica, Yohanna and Saray.

Will you please include biographies for as many of the above list as is possible to make the present list of biographies more comprehensive.

For example, Elena (the volume 3 version), Ingeborg, Masha, and Leticia made multiple videos and so, if possible, I think it would be proportionate to include them in the current list.

Many thanks.



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Re: Model Biographies

Post by smurf on Tue Aug 13, 2013 11:36 am

The new biography section is interesting. I have also noticed some omissions. You didn't write the number of cigarettes of several models. For example Rosy, Marta, Alba, Iveta, Anna Mc, Carol and Sheila.


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Re: Model Biographies

Post by Admin1 on Tue Sep 10, 2013 12:58 pm

The reason of the missed data or models is because I don't have a trustable information to add. I don't want to add data randomnly.

Also, about models filmed 6-7 years ago, I lost the contact with most of those girls, and despite some information has been disclosed on some interviews, after so many years that data is "expired", as I don't know if they quit or smoke the same amount.

So, to answer in a short sentence: I just want to add trustable data on the bios.

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Re: Model Biographies

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