Smoking a More 120

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Smoking a More 120

Post by fathersatan on Fri Jun 20, 2008 12:40 pm


I love this website so much. I wish I had the money to download all the videos they are all so good. I have a few suggestions for videos. I would love:

1. To see a woman smoke a More 120 cigarette. This is a long slim brown cigarette
2. To see a woman smoke a cigarette such as Vogue. Again this is a thin cigarette but in white
3. A woman smoke cigarette using a very long cigarette holder
4. To see a woman directly inhale a cigarette into her lungs. Imagine smoking a hookah/sheesha how it directly goes into the lungs, but smoke a cigarette this way.
5. Inhale cigars very deeply/directly

Another thing I have not seen so far but come close is for a woman to take a very long deep drag & hold it in her lungs for as long as possibly. Ideally atleast 30 seconds but the longer the better.

I love spandex & latex catsuits so any of those elements incorporated would be a dream.

Folks please let me know what you think of my suggestions. Fran I would love to do the job you have let me know when you have a vacancy Very Happy


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