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site issues

Post by kd on Thu Apr 08, 2010 1:28 am

Hi Fran,

Love your work - i think i own almost all of your videos (200+) - i have noticed lately that i cannot access your videos on the site - every time i click on your new Denise, the page just resets - no access to anything (accept this forum). Any ideas?

Thank you!


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Re: site issues

Post by Admin1 on Thu Apr 08, 2010 4:05 pm

I was able to reproduce the same error on my computer. This is due to a memory limitation on the server. Despite I run the site on a private server, depending on the traffic the memory pages of the server consume a lot of memory. I know the script I use is not the best one in server memory optimization, and there are thoudands of mid-format jpeg files that need to be loaded on memory to render the site. Additionally when somebody is downloading several video files at once the available memory decreases, since video downloads are buffered in memory. This makes that it is impossible to render new pages for other visitors. Normally I have an average of 50 visitors at once in the site, around 100 in weekends (only watching pictures, I know).

However if you retry 10 or 20 minutes later it should work as normal. If you experience this error i recommend you to retry to click again on the link until you get it or try again some minutes later. Maybe at the second or third attempt you will get the page running, for me is a pain to upgrade to a professional dedicated server with 2 GB ram and unlimited bandwidth, I can't affor the rental (about 300$/month). I hope that on less than one year this prices decrease

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